Ipod dock + Auxillary input?
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What is a comparable alternative to this Bose iPod Model that also features auxillary audio input?
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Most of the JBL speaker things with iPod docks (e.g. this one) also seem to have mini-jack inputs. I don't know how comparable the sound quality is to the Bose, though.
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The Klipsch iGroove has the best sound I've heard from any of these things, and has a standard input. You did not make it clear whether you want to be able to connect an iPod and something else at the same time, or just something other than an iPod. I think this only connects to one thing at a time, so it may not be suitable. But the sound is way better than similar things from JBL or Altec Lansing.
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Apple's own iPod Hifi has an aux in.
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I love my iHome, but the speaker quality probably isnt as good as bose.
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If you're near a best buy, the wireless department should have a powered speaker ipod display that you can play around with. All the speakers on it, including the aforementioned models, should be on display there. (I work for best buy and set up about 50 of these displays in the Michigan area! :) ) There are 20 different ipod compatible speaker docking systems all with aux in on them. Let me caution you of one thing when going to the store. It uses a central audio source, rather than an ipod to provide sound, and is thus much quieter. Of all the displays there, I personally would go with the apple brand docking station. It's the most visually pleasing, and has the best sound, as far as I can tell. It'll run you about $200, but so will the others.
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Our household has an iHome and a Bose. I used the iHome in my car (the radio transmitter thingee never works) and around the house. It cost ca. $35 at Costco, which is pretty well shy of what the Bose cost (don't know exactly as the latter was a gift). I have to say that the iHome has EXCELLENT sound when you compare cost, size, etc.

(The only problem is, when you use the iHome's Aux In, you can't control volume, etc. using the iHome's little wheelie (not a tech term) - you have to do it on the iPod itself. This is a drawback, say, if you're driving.)
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All of these devices are an astounding ripoff. Instead of one of these things, how about you take a look at a set of powered speakers and a cheap mixer? Here are some recommendations:
A $20 mini-mixer and a $150 pair of Roland studio monitors. Far better sound than one of the units, and about half the price. You'll need a few cables, but the end result will be pleasant, reasonably powerful sound. Anything on the Bananas at Large site will be decent- and they'd be happy to talk to you over the phone as well. (I'm just a happy customer of theirs.)
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We use the iLife brand at home. Picked it up at Meijer for $20 on BF. I use the Aux for my Sansa and my Wifes uses the dock for her iPod.
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