Where to buy a new battery for a 2-year-old cell phone?
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Where should I buy a battery for a 2-year-old cell phone? My LG VX6100 is down to 48 hours of standby time, and I'd prefer not to get a new phone (and renew my cell carrier contract) right now. But a compatible battery does not seem to be available from a small handful of trustworthy sources, only from dozens of anonymous cell phone accessory stores. I'm wary of lousy or simply fake cell phone battery stores selling refurbished or used batteries as if they were new. Does anyone know of any reputable sources of new cell phone batteries for old phones?

I'll gladly take, "Hey dumbass, your phone is compatible with this battery from this obviously reputable dealer. Do your homework," as an answer. :)
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I'd suggest Batteries+Plus has an enormous selection, and they have a lot of retail outposts.

The one where I live is staffed by knowledgeable salespeople.
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Batteries.com has a battery for my aging LG, although I haven't yet ordered it. The capacity was lower than the OEM battery, although I'm sure it would last longer than my current battery.
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I recently bought an LG battery from ebay. If you go that route make sure you get an original, authentic battery. I've had good luck (twice) when LG wanted to charge me an exorbitant amount for a new battery. If you email me I'll tell you the seller I've bought from twice with good luck both times.
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I bought a replacement Treo battery from laptopsforless. No complaints.
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I always buy still like that from cellphoneshop.net.
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I always buy my battery shtuff from there. Cheap, and generally reliable.

Buy from those with high 5000+ positive feedbacks.
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If you can't get just the battery, you could try buying a used phone. I didn't want to re-sign up for a contract, or to pay $200 for a phone, so I used Craigslist and found a bunch of good cell phones for $40-$50. The one I got had been very lightly used, but the person had upgraded to a Treo or something.
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