Physics from a distance?
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Two semester introductory physics series from abroad?

I know there are tons of online/distance learning options, but I can't find any respectable accredited institution that offers the two semester introductory physics series, which is the only course I need before I can apply to med school. I'm going to be in Korea for the next year or so. Can anyone link me to an institution offering this class? Thanks.
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Athabasca University is an accredited Canadian distance learning institution. I know a number of people who have taken remaining med school prerequisites with them. This is to go to med school in Canada, of course, but the admissions procedures across North America seem to be uniform.
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Make sure you check out Physics for Future Presidents from Berkeley. All of the excellent course lectures are pod- and webcast.
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I second the Physics for Future Presidents series. It's great.
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Response by poster: It has to be for credit, of course. Thanks.
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Try Carnegie Mellon. The Academic version will give credit, but you might have to do some monkeying with your home institution.
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