Honest Garage in Miami?
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This morning my car (95 Altima) wouldn't start. Seems like an ignition problem. Are there any honest auto repair shops I can take it to here in Miami (the closer to the intersection of Red and 8th the better)?
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Good luck.. I also live in Miami, and have never been able to recommend any mechanic in the city. Fortunately, I have found someone who does mechanic work on the side, but he's pretty much weekend only and unavailable on short notice like this.
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Best answer: You could try this site, via car talk
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I'm sorry I can't be more specific than this but when I lived in Miami, I blew a gasket on my '94 Lexus. A mechanic with a small shop on 8th Street and Douglas Road helped me and he was AWESOME. His name is Carlos but I can't think of the name of the shop except that it's right next to a body shop in the same location...and the shop might be his namesake. Once you cross 8th street on Douglas, it's right behind the gas station there. What I remember most is that Carlos' dad was chronically ill with stomach cancer and he spent all day at the hospital and I'd see him late at night working on the cars...And he let me pay for the repair in installments which was very helpful to me as I was a struggling law student then. good luck.
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What edgeways said: the Mechanix Files over at cartalk

I think this should just be a standard AskMe answer when someone is looking for a mechanic. I've found two great mechanics this way; I felt like I was ripping them off.
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Thirding the Cartalk page. I went to them a month ago when my car had a similar problem, and was directed to a very honest, nearby mechanic. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I went to a place (Toy Auto) I found through the Mechanix Files. They were great and upfront. Thanks again for your suggestions!
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