How much does a typical stove-top oven weigh?
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How much does a typical stove-top oven weigh?

I'm going to pick up an oven that I purchased on Craigslist. I want to know how much a typical stove-top oven weighs so I know how many people I need to lift it.

I'm just going with my wife. I need to know if I'll need extra muscle to carry it.

The oven is similar to this one:
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Best answer: 30" Slide-in ranges weigh approximately 170-220 pounds.
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Might be worth it to rent an appliance hand truck ( the kind with straps) from U haul or similar company. Your back ( and your wife) will thank you. I don't know how much they charge for a half day...The U Haul site wants you to jump through too many hoops...but I imagine it's less than $20. Give them a call.
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You can buy a hand truck or dolly for about $ 30 or $ 40, the regular kind will be just fine for an oven and enable you to move it easily with 2 people. I recommend getting one with solid tires (no experience with the solid tires, but really wish that's what I had on mine).
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It's not just the weight; it's the awkward position you are in when you lift. You can hurt your back lifting fifty pounds the wrong way. You can "walk" an appliance by tipping it on a corner foot and rotating it--that way most of the weight stays on the ground. Skateboards are handy appliance movers. Slide it up into a truck or van on a piece of plywood.
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These things can have sharp metal edges and screws sticking out underneath. Be careful where you grab them.
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