How to disable adblocker
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How do I stop the adblocker on IE 7 or Firefox?

I cannot play some videos from various news sites (like FoxNews). I get an indication from their help file that an adblocker is stopping the video from playing. I can't get it to play in IE 7 or in Firefox 2.0.

I use windows defender and Spyware blaster running in the background. But these are not "ads".

Windows media center 2005 XP. All the usual stuff.
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Best answer: It's not the adblocker. It's settings which constrain the kinds of things that Javascript is permitted to do, and it is your spyware blaster and windows defender that are doing it.
posted by Steven C. Den Beste at 3:57 PM on January 11, 2007

Consider whether you want the site to be able to do whatever it is it's trying to do. There are ways of putting videos on webpages that don't set off spyware alarms.
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Response by poster: Thank you Steven C. Den Beste. That solved it. I did disable both and the video played fine. I enabled windows defender but not spyware blaster and the video played as well. I can't thank you enough. I kept digging for a solution and here you give it to me in a few minutes. Greatly appreciated.
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