Ziggy Stardust live?
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Okay, this is probably the most farfetched thing ever proposed, but. I have really needed the 1973(?) performance of Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie that's on YouTube here. Could anyone possibly have it?!
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Is that from the Pennebaker film? Amazon has that. Netflix, howver does not. So if you're not sure where that clip is from, and want to rent to see, try a big library. My University has it. Or maybe someone here can tell you.
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Do you mean you need an mp3?
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Have you tried contacting the person who made the YouTube clip?
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If you don't mind the quality, there are programs that download and convert videos from YouTube. Google 'youtube download' or 'flv converter' or something similar.
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Funnily enough I was looking the other day for this film on Netflix and no they don't have it. I wonder why?
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danb has the right idea. Grab the Video Downloader extension for Firefox or, for a web based alternative, you can use ClipNabber.
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The entire concert is a grade A cracker.Filmed by DA Pennebaker it is an astonishingly intense record of IMHO one of the cultural highpoints of the last century.A region 1 DVD is available here. Go on.You know you want to.
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Dr.Pill has it. You should buy this. It's awesome.
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Agreed -- the Pennebaker film is just totally amazing. I had it on video (yes!) as a teenager and used to spend a lot of time rewinding it to certain rather, um, intriguing moments, usually involving Bowie high-kicking in his little mini-kimono. Oh, and the bit where he starts panting during the break in "Time." mmmmm!
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Its great until Bowie breaks out his mime act. Then its feels dated and silly. A the theater I saw it in people started laughing, me included. It picks up a little while after that.
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Response by poster: Man, I wish I could afford it. But yeah, I wanted the mp3. I'm still waiting on the person from YouTube.

Scody: Bowie high-kicking in his little mini-kimono...
Oh no, stop! I'm trying to work!
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The audio CD soundtrack is cheaper, though apparently hard to find.

It was less-than-hard to find on bittorrent.
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I had the soundtrack to this many years ago (probably still have it) -- wasn't aware it was from an actual film (guess I'm pretty dense, seeing as how the title is "Ziggy Stardust: Music From The Motion Picture").

It is indeed, a good rendition, although Bowie half-asses a couple of the high notes.
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by the way, it is worth mentioning that the admins have, on several occasions, stated that AskMe is *not* the place to ask for pirated material. It's fine to try and figure out what album it is, but overt discussion on how to acquire it through less than legitimate means is frowned upon.
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hypervenom: "Man, I wish I could afford it. But yeah, I wanted the mp3."

Oh. Well, then. Flagged for deletion.
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