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Going to be in Seattle from Jan 25-28th, and looking for interesting off-beat local tihngs to do. Can local me-fi's suggest cool happenings in those 3 days or hangouts not to be missed? Enjoy jazz, good ( very good) Italian food. Not the usual " Pike Place Market" toursit scenario though. Thanks
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Italian food: Brad's Swingside Cafe

Jazz: Bud's Jazz Records
Also see http://www.earshot.org/ for local jazz news and calendar.
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Best (Very Good) Italian food I've had in my 17 years in Seattle has been at Villa Cosenza (which may now be called "The Villa") in Bothell.


Are you going to be alone? Staying with friends? North-end, South-end, Eastside? Working and playing during off hours?
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I'm biased when it comes to food here in Seattle as many of my clients are restaurants. So forgive me for recommending one of them. A rustic Tuscan kind of place, Volterra in Ballard.

We are having a stretch of nasty, nasty, weather. I hope you will be renting a car? Most of the more interesting places are tucked away in the neighborhoods. I LOVE Vios Cafe & Marketplace - a cheaper family friendly place with great food.

Downtown is Matt's in The Market, also a great little seafood place.

Come up to Broadway Ave on Capitol Hill (east of Downtown), if you walk the 7-10 block stretch north of Pike on Broadway (and between the Pike and Pine corridor) there are dozens of bars and worthwhile places on Broadway or just a block or tow East and West of it.
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Matt's is closed for renovations for a few months, so you probably shouldn't go there. Chez Shea, which is right next to Matt's, is good for something kind of French, though.

For Italian, I'd definitely recommend Carmine's, Perche'no or Asteroid Cafe. And second the Volterra recommendation.
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I apologize. The site address I posted is dead. The address is 17121 Bothell Way N.E. Bothell, WA Phone: 425-398-1474, and the restaurant was still open within the last month or two.

Thanks for the recommendation on Volterra, tk, they're close now, so I'l give them a spin in the near future.
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Good Italian food (and atmosphere) at Machiavelli on Capital Hill. I even proposed to my wife there, and she said yes. Can't beat that. Good Italian food also at the Pink Door in Pike Place.

For jazz, you could see what's going on at Dimitriou's Jazz Alley. Pricey, flashy, but a lot of fun.
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Probably you should check out Jazz Alley.
For an excellent lunch try Still Life in fremont, just a few blocks from the Fremont Troll
For off beat you can Meet the Man at Dixie's Barbeque
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Nishino. Matt's at the Market. Chicken hearts & livers at PPM, and then get out. Volterra. Carmine's is nice too.
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(Tula's is the other place in Seattle where you will almost certainly find live jazz, every day of the week)
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Meet. the. man.

Not a bad sandwich. And a local legend.
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Osmanthus: the Still Life is long gone, replaced by some generic-looking bistro. Makes me mad every time I walk by.

Here's a similar question from a while back.
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Grab sandwiches at Salumi for lunch. Amazing cured meats. Long lines unless you go early or late, but well worth it imho.
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Get an espresso at Vivace. They make perhaps the best espresso in North America.
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STAY AWAY from Tulio's in Hotel Vintage Park. The main courses were all disappointing, and the cheese platter for dessert made us all want to be sick.

I liked Lombardi's, but his family didn't like it much. (None of us liked the other place - it was a disaster.)
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The Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.
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Seconding the Machiavelli's recommendation. Ridiculously good Italian food for ridiculously decent prices, and the best waitstaff, like, ever.

If you're a jazz lover, you might like Jazz Alley--my father-in-law certainly enjoyed Eartha Kitt shoving his face into her ancient cleavage (oh, and the music too, I suppose)--but please be aware that you will basically be served cafeteria food.
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There's a really good italian restaurant on NE 65th and NE 27th- sorry I don't know the address, but it's the only restaurant there. It's called "Casa d'Italia", and despite the silly name is some of the best food I've ever had.

I always liked Jazz Alley.
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Oh, and Pasta Bella in Ballard is superb.
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DANG! I forgot:

Cafe Besalu in Ballard. If your going to Volterra for dinner then you GOT to go to Besalu for Breakfast of for a coffee and pastry.

After dinner you can grab a cup cake at Cup Cake Royale down the street.

You will not regret it. YUM-eeeee.

Plan on gaining 10 pounds. I so envy you.
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