How do I integrate my existing blog with my MySpace blog?
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How do I integrate my existing blog with my MySpace blog?

Is there anyway to set up an RSS feed to post items from my personal blog to post within my MySpace blog? If not, does anybody have any suggestions as to code I can use to have my blog posts appear within my MySpace profile?
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This might not be the easiest way, but it seems like you could use a DIV overlay to accomplish this, with a little tweaking, since you're basically covering up the default MySpace content with your own content. The link above goes to a canned layout, but can start from scratch with help from these tutorials.
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On my profile [self link, obviously] I use the aforementioned DIV overlay method and the flash file and code from this tutorial: Importing RSS via Flash. It imports the latest title and excerpt from my site, and pretty much works off-the-shelf, even though I did open it up it Macromedia Flash just to change the colors.
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Republish the feed as HTML using Feedburner. I do it all the time. Formatting can be a bitch. Here is a guide I found (yet have never used).
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You could use a service like Optrata. Here's my page there. You can add any abitrary RSS feed.
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JPowers, krisjohn: Are you suggesting those simply as ways to convert RSS to HTML, which you'd then have to copy and paste into MySpace blog entries? For me (I was about to post pretty much the same question), generating an "HTML feed" directly from my blog would be no problem, but the issue is whether there's a way to crosspost that HTML into MySpace automatically.

The Flash thing Famous mentioned might be a good option, although it just shows your latest post on your profile, and links to your own blog; I was sort of hoping for some method of literally crossposting.
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