Orchestral/piano .pdf scores?
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I’d like to look at a full-length piano arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty ballet (Op. 66 – La belle au bois dormant). I could buy one, or find a music library, but do you know whether any edition is freely accessible on-line? For future reference, are there any particular sites that you like as a source for pdf’d classical music scores?
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Strangely enough, I was just looking at this. But it doesn't seem to have the piece you're looking for. However, seems like they have tons of classical piano music - all in nice PDF format. Haven't looked at it too extensively so I'm not sure if it's only pieces written specifically for piano or if arrangements of orchestral music are also included.
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The Mutopia Project is an open repository of music scores, down-loadable in a variety of formats (electronic and human-readable)...doesn't seem like they have that piece, though they have other works by Tchaikovsky. Might want to double check in case I missed something.
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There's a fair bit of Tchaikovsky at IMSLP, but no Opus 66.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I just stumbled upon http://www.pianopassion.com/guideev.htm (then click on "Free Sheet Music") and am working my way through the listed sources.
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