What do we think of South University?
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What is the quality of the Physician's Assistants master's program at South University in Savannah, GA?

After much thought and consideration, Savannah, GA seems to contain everything I hold in regard for where I'd like to move next - warm weather, access to bodies of water, southern charm and a PA program (at South University). As I was born and raised in the deep south, I have a general notion of what it will be like to live there which only leaves questions about the program I'd like to be a part of ... What do people in the field think about a PA Master's degree from South University? And perhaps more relevant, does it matter?
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I haven't heard of South University. I'm from Augusta and live in Atlanta. But that's not *that* weird that I haven't heard of it. There are hundreds of universities in GA alone. Looking at their accreditation (from their about page), it looks like they are a private, for-profit university. Their accreditation body looks solid, if only regional. South University does grant PhDs, which is a good sign in general. Doesn't raise any flags for me. But as I said, though, I definitely can't say that I've heard of it.

Savannah is a great town, but I guess you already got that memo.
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Regional accreditation for a university is the most rigorous and most important.
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Thanks for the tips - I'll be looking into it some more when I visit!
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