Straighten a cord, how?
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How do I straighten a headset cable?

At work I use a headset to make calls, but the cable from the headset itself to the headset base is tangled and wrapped around itself like mad. It's not knotted (yet), but it's an absolute bitch to wrangle.

Is there any sane way to straighten the damn thing out so I'm not hunched over my desk making calls?
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It is likely because you make a full turn in the headset between putting it on and taking it off. The same thing happens with handset cords. If you mark one side with a sticker, and analyze your movements, you should see this and be able to change your habits to avoid it. Then untangle it once and for all time.
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I usually unplug one end, then dangle the cord to allow it to untangle itself.

Thanks for the reminder - I'm going to do that right now :)
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You need one of these.

For the moment, it's twisted, as w-gp mentions above. Dangle the headset towards the ground, letting it untwist.
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Oh, wait. I misunderstood, I don't know if the twisty little contraption I linked to will work. It should, if the headset plugs into the base with a phone plug.
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Sometimes its easier (and cheaper) to just buy a new cord (radio shack has the coil ones for a couple of bucks), especially if it gets those annoying 'half-coils'
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