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Looking for old economic articles...

I'm looking for old articles/columns/whatever that discuss the US (and/or perhaps world) economy at that time. Anything 20 years or older would be what I have in mind.

Maybe magazine or newspaper writings that have been brought to the web somehow?

Basically, I'm trying to get a sense of how the populace (or economists) felt about the economies during their time.

I know this is a hard one, so extra thanks for anything found!
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It's not that hard. Just go the the library and hit the microfiche. Business journals will be filled with such articles.
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IANAEconomist, but I asked one.


"I don't know of anything free... The American Economic Review is available on-line; The Economist has old articles..."

The Bank of Canada Review goes back to 1994; not quite twenty years, but -- free... Also try the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
publications , The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review...

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Review -- again 1994; you can really tell when teh internets got popular, I see.

Answer: free, on-line, reliable, and old is not that popular. Pay up or hit the library.
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You might like this book: Wall Street: A History: From Its Beginnings to the Fall of Enron
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I'm with the people who suggest trying your library - they (and by association, you) almost definitely have access to databases that would include just the information you're looking for.

From your user information, I'm guessing you're part of the Miami-Dade Library district, in which case, I'd recommend chatting with or e-mailing your friendly neighborhood librarian for more information.
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Congressional Budget Office's Economic Outlook, since 1975.
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Thanks everyone for the responses. Looks like the library it will be. milkrate, that link is very interesting. Thanks!
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The problem with the internets is your time frame. People started putting stuff up somewhere in that time frame, but the expense of putting the old stuff up was too much, so that stuff is usually only up on pay per view sites.
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