Radio Arcade?
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Audio Drama Filter: Radio Arcade?

I'm looking for info and/or a recording of a four part audio drama dating from about 1989 entitled "Radio Arcade." I remember listening to it on local public radio in Minnesota when I was a teen and really enjoying it, but I can't find any info about the drama's production (other than it was produced by "E Radio Theater") or where one might find a copy of it on The Internet(s). Any ideas/info?
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There's a bit more info about it here and there's very slow loading Geocities page that lists it, but I can't tell if it's for sale, or just a list of CDs that the the guy owns as of 10/23/06. He might be willing to make a copy for you if you contact him - who knows? In case it doesn't load, his email address is neuroslicer AT yahoo DOT com.
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