Where can I find free muscle-group and skeleton diagrams online?
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Infographilter: Where can I find free muscle-group and skeletal diagrams online?

My wife is enrolled in a personal-trainer course and needs to learn the major muscle groups, and the human skeletal structure.

Hi-res diagrams we can print on a inkjet-plotter would be ideal.
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I know it doesn't address the "online" part of the question, but you mention that you want to print them out. Copies of Gray's Anatomy (not the TV show) can be had for fifteen bucks at almost any bookstore. Way too much information contained therein, but that's what I used to learn such stuff.
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Buy this book, its awesome. If she can hire a personal trainer, she buy a $14 book. Its really impressive. And now that I think about it, you'll probably save on ink.
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Wait wait wait, even better idea, you get it for her as a gift.
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ExRx: http://exrx.net/Exercise.html
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Try these. They aren't high res but they contain the information you're looking for in a straight forward presentation.
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Bartleby has all of Grey's Anatomy online, though the resolution of the pictures isn't quite as high as you seem to want.
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Thanks all.

I think I'll buy the book j-urb suggested.
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