Seeking Shark's Teeth bubble gum
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I'm looking for a certain kind of bubble gum that's called "Shark's Teeth". The pieces are triangular and white with splatters of "blood", and I used to be able to get them in those gum machines at the mall, but they stopped carrying them over a year ago. There's a little

I actually found a website selling it, but it looks just a little skeevy to me and googling their site returns lots of hits that suggest they're less than honest, including this.

So, naturally I'd like to be able to find the gum somewhere else--either a reputable online dealer or a brick-and-mortar in Colorado(the nearer Denver, the better). I'd rather be able to buy a bag of it, but it's tasty enough that if anyone's seen it in gumball machines recently, I'll try that.
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The ad on the linked-to page indicates that Shark's Teeth gum is a "Swell"-brand bubble gum. Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corp. manufactured Swell gum, and was bought out by Concord Confections, the people who do Dubble Bubble. I don't see Shark's Teeth in the company's bulk catalog, but you could call them at 800-267-0037.
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I found this article talking about how the company that made that type of gum (in the picture it says "Swell") was bought by another company and closed the US plant.

I can't find anything else, but I think this may be a dead end for you. Good luck.
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Gah, should have previewed.
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Ah, thanks! I missed that clue. Guess if they were bought out, that doesn't look good for them still carrying the product, but I'll try calling.
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I don't like the sound of this candy.
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What's wrong with Goetze's Caramel Cremes (apart from them probably being loaded with carcinogens, transfats, etc.)? I love those things.
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What's wrong with Goetze's Caramel Cremes

Is there perhaps something spelled a lot like like "Goetze" (maybe change the first "e" to an "a", the "z" to a "s"...) that you would never, ever want to talk about having a creamy center?
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