POD or self-publishing services for *small* hardcover books.
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I have a self-publishing conundrum: I really like the size of Moleskine notebooks (3.5 x 5.5). I want to put out a book in these dimensions. Lulu and other POD publishers that I've found won't go that small (especially in hardcover). So, my question's a two parter: a. Do you know any way I can get this done (ie, alternatives to Lulu who will do that size)? b. If I can't find such a company, I'm interested in hand-writing some Moleskines and customizing the covers to make them look more "commercial"--ie, create a dust jacket or sticker or some other alternative. Solutions/suggestions for something that'll look unique and kickass?
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What quantity are you talking about?
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Could someplace like Kinkos do that for you?
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Response by poster: bonaldi, a few hundred, max. Though if you know any co. that will only do larger qtys, I'd appreciate a link.

amyms, thanks, but I doubt it--all places like that that I've seen samples from look pretty amateur, unless you're answering the dust-jacket question, in which case, yes.

I should clarify that for part B, I'm not looking for printers as I know solutions for that already, but am curious about whether people think dust jackets or stickers or some other solution would look best in this scenario.
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BookMobile will do paperbacks that small, but not hardcovers. You are going to have a hard time finding a short-run digital printer who will do hardcovers that small. My advice? Print the interiors yourself and take a bookbinding class.
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Also, here are some custom bookbinders. They would likely provide better quality for what you are trying to do.

As for buying moleskines as-is and modifying them, how about finding a friend with an embosser/foil-stamper?
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print on demand bewares
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stinehourpress.com makes really nice books.

I have this 'The Novices of Sais' and it is a very pretty book and won the bookbinders award for 2006.

the only issue might be the size of your print run.
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Have you considered softcover with french flaps? They're an extension of the cover, folded to the inside of the book so you wouldn't need a dust jacket. Not quite the same as hardcover, but the next best thing, as far as I'm concerned.
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If nothing else you could do paper labels like the ones that come wrapped around new Moleskines.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all!
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