Best places to write in Venice, CA?
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I'm looking for recommendations on best places to write in Venice, CA. Mostly in the realm of coffee shops or writer-friendly cafes, libraries, or anything else that comes to mind.

I've just moved to Venice, CA from Brooklyn to work on a major writing project for the next few months. I don't like to write from home, and would prefer to walk to places on Abbott Kinney or Main Street to spend a few hours writing on my laptop. (So outlets are necessary.)

Free Wifi is nice, but mostly I'm looking for places with a cool vibe, other writers working there too, etc, where you can park yourself for a few hours without having people giving you the hairy eyeball. (I always buy a lot of coffee, but I don't want to feel like I'm being timed.)

Any suggestions? Thanks to all!
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the novel cafe, 212 pier ave, santa monica (just over the border from venice, just off main st). it will be perfect for what you want...
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Van Gogh's ear might be nice too.
796 Main St, Venice, CA
(310) 396-1987
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I forgot what it's called but there's a small sandwich cafe up some steps from the oceanwalk that's not very busy but has a view of the water. Its north of venice blvd
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The Rose Cafe
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