help me find a san francisco tailor.
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i'm looking for a custom men's tailor in san francisco -- someone for suits -- also, good stores to get (perhaps bespoke) shirts and ties. advice, websites?
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My ex found several thru Yelp that he liked (I can't recall which ones though).
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Cafe Coton makes the best mens shirts in the world...end of story

Neighborhood: Union Square
210 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 837-0937

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If you have the right sartorial orientation - Cable Car Clothiers. They have a made-to-measure program, I believe.
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La Rosa on Haight St. Has fantastic (though slightly overpriced) vintage suits shirts and ties. The folks behind the counter are very knowlegable, and might be able to direct you to a good custom tailor.
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Thomas Mahon at The English Cut makes visits to San Francisco from time to time though I don't believe he is taking new suit customers at this time. He's also referred Jonathan Quearney in the past (recently profiled here). I know Mr Mahon also sells bespoke shirts and I'm sure Mr Quearney has shirt references as well.
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