Sports bars in Austin?
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I just moved to Austin today. Where's a good, fun place to watch the Seahawks (and the rest) playoff games tomorrow?
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Congrats on your new home. Maybe you'd like The Tavern (great burgers).

Also, let me preempt any suggestions for Ringers (disgusting burgers) and, instead, highly discourage your patronage.
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Can't say I've explored all the options, but Ringers is pretty good. Extra points for the TV screens over the urinals.
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Whoops. Nevermind.
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Seconding the Tavern, and adding Fox & Hound. Welcome to Austin.
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Welcome to Austin. The real entertainment begins when the Legislature convenes next Tuesday.
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I would try The Posse East for great burgers and a less sports bar but decidedly sports watching feel.
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Go Downtown Young Person: Walk along 6th Street and pop in one or more that suit you. Try a "dry" run Saturday night. Logan's is a solid fallback if you like loud/festive. On Trinity, Copper Tank has excellent micro-brews. Explore. Austin rocks.
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Might try Cool River
Little Woodrow's might have a few screens too. Both locations are north off Parmer lane.
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Unfortunately, Copper Tank closed around two years ago.
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Not a sport fan.

A buddy likes to go to 219 West for games.
Good drinks, good food and kinda underrated in the Downtown area. Not a sportsbar, so I'd call and see if they are showing what you want.

This question would be better answered if we knew your age, social class, and government issued ID number.
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