Figuring out where a domain was registered
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Client has forgotten where he registered domain. We need to change name server info. Whois doesn't really help as it just tells us he's the admin contact, etc. Anyone have any ideas how I can find this info?
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WHOIS should list the registrar that the domain was registered with. It's usually in the first few lines of the WHOIS output:

Registrar: DOTSTER


Created on: 18-MAR-99

Expires on: 18-MAR-09

Last Updated on: 21-FEB-04

Another hint about the registrar will be the WHOIS server that is used to provide the info, in metafilters case, .. HTH
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Response by poster: thanks djc. but it doesn't list that info. Just starts out w/registrant....sadly. See below Back-order this name

forgetfullclient, L.L.C. (WWDCUYUJTD)
2 here
Suite 100


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
forgetfullclient, L.L.C. (WWDCUYUJTD)
2 here
Suite 100

Record expires on 17-Dec-2004.
Record created on 17-Dec-2002.
Database last updated on 25-Feb-2004 10:08:49 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:

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the domain servers don't give you a clue? unless the person who registered them preferred otherwise, the default servers are likely associated with the registrar, IME.
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look at ICANN Registrar, not Registrant. there HAS to be an ICANN Registrar
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Hmm. Wouldn't be Verisign/Netsol? The content is formatted the same as output from

WHOIS your domain again, preferably from a different place, check to see if the whois server is listed before any disclaimer that appears before the information.
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o2b: Actually, I've found the opposite to be true; it depends on the sort of hosting you get. Most hosts run their own NSs. YMMV.
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Response by poster: the name servers aren't where it was registered. i just need to find it to maybe jog his memory.
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Response by poster: thanks yeahyeah, it worked. cool. now i'll have to beat a username/pwd out of him. ah the joy.

thanks again to all!
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You might try just transferring the domain to another registrar. An email varification/fax/something will have to be replied to, but then you wouldn't have to worry about password etc. Usually the new registrar will handle the initiation of the transfer.
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