How can I get Adobe InDesign to wrap this text the way I want it to?
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InDesign text-wrapping problem: In two column text, a rectangular object, that spans 1.5 columns sometimes results in bad text wrapping (more inside, with screenshots).

Using Adobe InDesign (Version 2 and CS, Mac and Windows) I run into the following problem with text wrapping: Screenshot 1. This is obviously not the wrap I want. Even with different settings for leading (I tried in increments of 0.1mm) this won't go away. If the rectangle has a different position on the page the problem does not appear: Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3.
Is this a bug in InDesign or am I missing something here. As a workaround I made three separate textboxes that are linked, but that's no good in the long run.
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Leading won't fix the 'problem', and the same thing happens in Quark so it isn't a bug.. It looks like that honking great runaround box you have there is too big. Tried moving it up a touch or taking down the points amount of the runaround?

PS: The hyphenation on the narrow bit of the leg is gim.
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This is probably the kind of question you want to ask on the InDesign mailing list, where you'll find people who can kick the snot out of all of ID's features in their sleep.

It took me a few looks at the screen shot to figure out what the problem was, since the text is ipsum lorem and since you didn't say what it was - the first full-column-width line in the second column is one line too low because of the wraparound. I would try reducing the bottom runaround by very small amounts (maybe half a point) at a time until you get what you want, but I don't understand just from the screenshots why it's doing what it's doing.
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The first line of the first column is being placed by the wrap, the first line of the second column starts at the top of the page. The two values aren't equal so the lines don't line up. Change the height of the box to equal the leading.
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