A Very Strange Christmas
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What offbeat and/or slightly strange publications would be receptive to non-fiction writing submissions about Christmas?

I wouldn't mind throwing together some essays and/or informational pieces about "the weird side of Christmas" to submit to a paying magazine, Web site, etc.

Any ideas?
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Perhaps Maisonneuve magazine, though you might have difficulty getting published if you're not Quebecois/Canadian since the magazine is from that perspective. What about local weekly papers? I doubt anyone will be publishing xmas-related stuff until next November or December, though.
posted by loiseau at 3:27 PM on January 4, 2007

This American Life? Not a publication, obviously, but it's the first thing that leaps to mind.
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Depending on the flavor of your submission, perhaps Adbusters?
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The Believer accepts non-solicited non-fiction pieces.
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Magazines (especially print magazines) operate at least a few months ahead & therefore are very unlikely to have any interest in Christmas right now. Prepare to make July/August submissions & queries. Good luck!
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