First Direct... more like, something.
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I need some serious assistance in dealing with the british bank, First Direct. There's

I signed up for an account with them in September '06. I only received one 500 pound payment into the bank then I stopped getting paid. Over the course of my travels I only took 20 pounds out of the bank leaving a total of 480 pounds.

Then! I moved back to America in December and I decided it would be best for that money to come back with me. So, I called from my residence in Virginia and attempted to transfer the money. All was going well [my intentions were expressed and they seemed all right with it] until I could not remember my phone password with them [which I now remember]. After a few incorrect tries they decided to lock me out from my account until I mailed them a letter from my current residence which told of my change of address and most importantly included my signature to certify that it was truly me on the phone.

So, I mailed a cordial letter to Leeds around the 15th of December. Fast forward to today I decided to check up on the progress of the situation. BUT! Now when I call First Direct I get a "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" message [in an American accent].

Additionally, I tried to log-in to online banking [which I could do even after they locked me out phonewise] and it now claims "You no longer have access to the service. For more information please call first direct on 08 456 100 234."

Que el fucko! I think the bank has just stolen 480 pounds of my money. I've been robbed by fat cats. Anyway, I can't seem to contact them from America anymore except by letter.

Is there any course of action which anyone can recommend to me. It is pretty essential that I get that money because I'm not that wealthy, plus I don't feel like funding HSBC [of which First Direct is a subsidiary] and their shenanigans.
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Write them and ask them to send you a cheque or wire the money (choose one so they don't get confused).
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This may be obvious, but you should try their international phone number

+44 113 2345678

rather than the UK-only local rate number beginning with 0845.
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If it does turn into a major dispute you can complain to the banking ombudsman on 011 44 20 7964 1000. But judging from your post, chrismear has provided the answer.
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You don't say what number you were dialling, but their website has the contact number for international callers as +44 113 2345678. Have you tried that one?
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Yeah, that's the number I called initially but now it doesn't work. I know the 0845 number doesn't work in America.
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I just called 011 44 113 2345678 and it works just fine.
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I'd just like this post to exist to show the world that I'm a complete idiot. [I kept dialing 00441132345678]. I should be kept at a safe distance from phones.

Thanks zeoslap.
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Ha. I went through this calling another UK bank from VA less than an hour ago!
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Alternatively, most cellphones (and Skype) will support dialing "+44 113 2345678", it works for me when I'm calling the UK.
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I'm a little surprised to hear that calling an 0845 number from outside the UK doesn't work. Perhaps it's the incorrect international dialling code at fault; certainly I can call 0845 numbers from Ireland without any hitches.
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Even if calling an 0845 number is possible from overseas, there may be extra charges. I would want to avoid it from outside the UK just as I do from within the UK.
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