Are International Living reputable?
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Does anyone have any information about or experience with these people: This is related to my previous questions about living overseas (1, 2). Some of the things they publish seem like they might be pretty sound advice, but much of it comes across like a beserk shill ("To purchase your copy of the 'Argentina Report--Your Guide to the Buying Opportunity of the Decade.' for only $69, order now.").
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no personal experience, but the scam alert was certainly raised by your quote and their article on why they are not a scam.
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i'm on their email list, and all I get are sales pitches for trips or seminars or how to be a travel writer classes.
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what amberglow said. Just another net racket
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For information on living in another country, try the "Culture Shock" series of books. One book per country. Some are better than others, some countries are easier to write about. The best ones are written by people who have moved to the country in question from somewhere else. I thought they were all like that 'till I bought one for South Africa.
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I was on their e-mail list for a while. They have some useful information/interesting articles, but it's far outweighed by their constant sales pitches. (They were trying to sell people property in Nicaragua fer cryin' out loud.) But when I unsubscribed, at least they didn't sell my e-mail address, and I haven't received anything else from 'em since.
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