Tried the other place...
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From where do these lyrics come?

I need to find the songs (and their tunes) that these lyrics come from. I have a hunch that they're American folk songs but other than that, I'm stumped.

" ...Tried the other place, Tried the other place last night... "

" ...I care for nobody, No not I, And nobody cares for me... "

Brownie points for links to recordings/sheet music/midi files.
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2nd one is a lot older than that - it's the Miller of Dee
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This site lists "went to the other place, went to the other place last night" as lyrics from "Found a Peanut." But "tried the other place" actually fits better, syllable-wise with the music; old kids' songs are mutable like that, anyways.

The tune, like a handful of campfire songs, is sung to the melody of "Clementine" (oh my darlin, oh my darlin...)
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Response by poster: Great stuff. Brownie points all round!

Though, having grown up in Chester, I should have recognised the Miller of Dee lyrics.
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Seems like you already took it as answered, but I have one record by the Dickel Brothers (awesome old timey band from Portland) with a song called "I don't love nobody" that has the second phrase you quoted.

I googled it, and I found this, a list of bands/musicians that have recorded that song.

One that particular song, the vocals are sung by Michael Ismerio, who would later leave the Dickels and start the Government Issue Orchestra. Both are excelent bands and I highly recommend them.
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