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Can I get Canadian bacon at a grocery store in St. Thomas (US VI)? Furthermore, what other differences from typical American suburban grocery stores will I find there?

What is the quality of produce, meats, etc? We're planning a vacation at the end of the month and will be cooking-in most meals. We want to get an advance idea of the menu. We're happy to be adventurous with the menu: Caribbean recipe suggestions are welcome...goat??
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Yeah, most of the food in St. Thomas comes from Miami or Puerto Rico. My wife and I honeymooned there and had no problem finding typical American foodstuffs.

There's a K-Mart thre as well and I recall one supermarket but nothing on the scale of Wal-Mart or Meijer's.
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There's a new, but small (by suburban US standards) grocery store towards Red Hook from Charlotte Amalie. You tip the baggers there (or bag your own), which is different from any of the mainland grocery stores I've been to in the last couple decades.

I think Canadian Bacon should be available. I got some on my pizza.
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This is an excellent forum populated with former mainlanders living in the USVI. Worth checking out if you've ever daydreamed about never coming back...
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I lived in St. Croix for a year, ending in September. That experience might be different from STT. But in St. Croix, groceries were lower quality and higher price than in the States. Because things have to come in on boats, it's quite unpredictable what will be on the shelves any given day. I went to a Pueblo on STT once, and like the grocery stores in STX, it was run down and expensive.
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