Injured man at Coney Island Polar Bear Club swim?
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I was at the Coney Island Polar Bear Club's New Year's Day swim. It was a great event, except for the fact that someone one was injured (perhaps a broken neck). Does anyone out there know exactly what happened to this person and if they're allright?
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That's not good - a lad at my school did something similar (dived into shallow water, broke his neck) - and unfortunately the people who rescued him didn't realise the danger when they hauled him out. He was paralysed from the neck down, from 16 years old or so.

Hope that this fella comes out of it a bit better...
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Unless his family releases some information, HIPAA can make it very difficult to find out.
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He was a co-worker of mine at, though in our East Coast office. Sadly, he passed away today. A real loss.
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I should have noted that he was not a current co-worker -- my typo.
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Here is a nice tribute to Mohan.
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Another recap on the story.
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