Venue reviews on the web, by and for musicians?
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Are there any websites where musicians review venues at which they've performed, in terms of staff, crowd, sound system, payment policies, etc.? It seems like there must be, but I've not found anything via Google. In particular I'm interested in reviews of NYC venues.

P.S. At the moment, I'm looking to find info on The Mean Fiddler (W. 47th St. b/t 8th Ave. and Broadway), where I might be performing soon. And I might submit a review of Club Midway (Ave. B b/t 2nd and 3rd St.) and their excellent sound guy, with whom I had the pleasure of working last week.
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Sometimes musicians can be leary about this sort of thing but but if you post here someone might be able help you for The Mean Fiddler.
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Time Out NY did a Music Venue Report Card. It was published in 2004, so isn't really at all relevant any more.

I'm not familiar with the The Mean Fiddler.

And this sounds like a good idea for a web site...
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Previously. I've asked sort of the same question before, and the answer is no, really.

And I didn't end up starting up a site. Although if you build it, I know plenty of people who could use it.
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I'm amazed it doesn't exist. Perhaps people are scared about legal liability for comments left by anonymous posters? But there are ratings sites for all kinds of other stuff -- music, books, electronic products, etc.
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Venues, managers and conditions change so fast that for such a site to be useful or reliable, there would have to be an unusually flexible system for checking/maintaining and debating all posts, and getting rid of outdated info.

Also, managers would constantly be shilling for their venues, writing anonymously. The problem here is scale: an electronics mfr does not care about visiting every site reviewing their products because there are so many -- but if there's only one major site ranking, say, "music venues in Chicago," you can bet all the managers of clubs in Chicago will stay on top of their listings and try to skew them as much as possible.
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