Advanced CSS: can I float right with cropping on the left?
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I want to float a css element to the right and have the left side get cropped when I shrink the window size.

(Self link example) View that link in Firefox and you'll see the left side of the page disappear as you make the window smaller, with no scrollbars.

View it in Safari or IE6 (though IE6 has other more serious problems too) and the left side of the element fixes against the side of the browser, causing horizontal scrolls to appear.

Any thoughts? I also wrote this code example to simplify the issue, and I see the same problem:
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Response by poster: Bah. My code sample worked in preview. Sorry.
posted by jragon at 11:04 PM on January 2, 2007

Have you tried setting the overflow CSS attribute to hidden on #paperBG?

Doing a quick google, I find a good comparison to your problem here.
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Validate your CSS and HTML.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I've done all sorts of overflow testing, with no success.

I hadn't considered clears, I can try that now.
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Best answer: Huh. This design makes me feel much less special, but at least I have a reference point to see how it works:

She probably did a display:hidden on the body and used a body BG image for the window on the left.

I'll mark this as best answer since the answer is in that site's css somewhere.
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Response by poster: Er, overflow:hidden, not display:hidden.
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