Timestamps in ircII?
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ircII: How can I display timestamps next to each message?

I thought this would be simple enough, but depressingly my Google-fu fails me. I'd rather not have some ridiculous complex script, either - if possible.
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This isn't really a very good answer, but consider trying irssi; it's a much more modern feeling shell-based irc client. It does this by default.
posted by aubilenon at 11:35 PM on January 2, 2007

Depends on what IRC client you're using. Please to specify this.
posted by orthogonality at 12:21 AM on January 3, 2007

Oh, you did, nevermind.
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Best answer: Ah, I ended up finding almost what I wanted and modified it. A fairly simple script, if anyone else is interested.

(It's messy, but works - I blame it on the ridiculous scripting language and my impatience ;-))

Thanks for the irssi pointer though.
posted by PuGZ at 12:26 AM on January 3, 2007

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