How to Pair Logitech Bluetooth Headphones to Samsung Phone?
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How can I pair Logitech Freepulse Bluetooth headphones with my Samsung D900 phone?

I recently bought a Samsung D900 phone, which is also a Bluetooth A2DP media player.

I subsequently bought some Logitech Freepulse Bluetooth headphones, theoretically as a way to listen to stereo music wirelessly via my phone.

I read up on both devices prior to purchasing, and nothing in the Logitech documentation clearly stated that it would work without the supplied audio-jack dongle plugged into a mic-jack. Nevertheless, since it was advertised as a *Bluetooth* device, I figured there was a good chance it would work normally with other Bluetooth units.

Tonight I tried to pair the devices...I placed the headphones in pairing mode (the LED was flashing red and blue) and my phone would see them with a label of "Freepulse headphones". I entered the standard code (0000) and the connection *appeared* to work (the headphones showed up in my list of devices), but when I tried to play a song and transfer it to a Bluetooth device, I would get a "Connection Failed" error. This caused a sort of error tone to emit over my headphones, but beyond that there was no sign that the headphones could connect.

I paired several Bluetooth headsets to my phone so I'm sure the phone isn't the problem.

The Logitech documentation only mentions pairing with the dongle, so my guess is that it is designed to only work with that. However, since it's using Bluetooth, I also believe there must be a way to connect it to a standard Bluetooth device (like my phone)...probably there is some 'hidden' pairing code other than '0000' that links the two.

If anyone has any insight into how to get this to work I'll be most appreciative.
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Not being familiar with the phone in question my guess is that the software is purposely designed not to work with the headphones you've bought. My company only has one set of headphones that will work with Bluetooth and I have heard no success stories using other headsets. This is on purpose.

That's not to say it's impossible... You might want to check Howard Forums or similar site.
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Maybe 1234 as the pairing code?
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