Help me chill out in Palm Springs
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Looking for recommendations for spa/lodging in Palm Springs or Desert Hot Springs.

I'm looking forward to taking some desperately needed R&R in the next month or two, and want to escape with my boyfriend to the desert for a long, lazy spa weekend (or even a full week). In an ideal world, we'd go someplace like Two Bunch Palms, but realistically that's probably out of our budget range (especially since we're in the high season for the desert right now). Are there other places folks would recommend? I'm assuming that any other full spa resort would be equally prohibitive, price-wise, but I'd love to be proven wrong. Realistically, though, I assume that I'm probably looking to hear about cool, quiet, serene accomodations (less than $200/night), plus good nearby day spas.

Any other suggestions for relaxing in Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs/etc. is welcome too. (Restaurants/bars/antique stores not to be missed?) I'm ashamed to say I've been in SoCal for more than 6 years and never gone out to the desert for any length of time, so this is my attempt to rectify that situation!
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I like the desert hot springs spa hotel, but it is pretty trashy. That said, it's cheapish, they have many different temperature tubs, steam bath, a large pool, a bar you can sing karaoke with the drunk locals, the resturant has good potato skins and banana splits, etc etc. As you may gather my hot tubbing taste is a little downscale...

The integratron is charming+weird, go for the sound bath.
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Best answer: Stylee and will run a few bucks: Hope Springs

Sagewater Spa

Unless you really want to be around mineral springs and aromatic rubs the whole time, think about Joshua Tree / 29 Palms. You could hike in the park, stay somewhere step-up like the 29 Palms Inn, or more affordable like the Joshua Tree Inn and rock out one night at Pappy and Harriet's.

You could take one day and get spa'ed in Desert Hot Springs.

Maybe what you could use is a Sound Bath: "This is an unforgettable sound healing experience for those who seek deep relaxation, deep meditation and rejuvenation. It's kindergarten naptime of the Third Kind."
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I just returned from a long holiday weekend at The Parker, Palm Springs. Very pricey. However, you might want to consider visiting their PSYC Spa for a day (or, partial day) visit. Another pricey place to stay is The Viceroy, but consider their spa services.
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Cabot's Pueblo is a neat place to visit in DHS.
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