Yoga in the Bay Area
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Where are some good yoga classes in San Francisco or Oakland/Berkeley?

I'm looking to get back into yoga. I've taken classes before but it's been a while - mostly in the Ashtanga mode. I was going for a while to It's Yoga on Folsom but that's kind of inconvenient to me now based on work/home locations. I'd like something either in San Francisco (work) that's easy to park near (yes, I know that's a tall order) or something in Oakland/Berkeley. Mindful Body on California St has piqued my interest. I've been to Monkey Yoga in Oakland on Lakeshore and didn't like it (too acrobatic, too intense). Other suggestions?
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Anywhere that recognizes that Yoga not as a bunch of postures, but a series of disciplines to gain awareness and control over the monkey-mind.
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Anywhere that recognizes Yoga as not only postures, but a series of disciplines to gain awareness and control over the monkey-mind.

Stay away from Bikram, as commodification of yoga simply isn't hip behavior.
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I study with Kristie Home and enjoy her classes very much.
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Piedmont Yoga is decent. You probably won't run into Rodney Yee. I've heard good things about Namaste Yoga on College.
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I think Bikram's a toad, but my partner really enjoyed Funky Door Yoga in Berkeley, on Shattuck.
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I used to practice Bikram Yoga every day and find that from studio to studio its not as consistent as Bikram wants it to be. The studio nearest my house, for example, turns on the air conditioner at the start of the floor postures, which makes me annoyed, so I haven't been back after two classes there.

If you can find a Bikram teacher who was in the very early teacher training courses (they've gotten progressively shorter and more expensive) you are more likely, in my opinion, to "get the maximum benefit of the stretching sensation from bones to skin, forehead to your toes." Sorry, couldn't resist.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not so into Bikram but probably will check out Piedmont.
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