How to share internet connection with Windows XP and ME?
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Problem sharing internet connection on home Windows XP / ME network question. [more inside]

I'm running on a SBC/Yahoo DSL connection that is connected to an XP machine. I've got an older, ME machine plugged into a switch, which is also plugged into the XP machine through an ethernet/USB converter. The networking works fine - I can share files, and printers great. But I just can't figure out how to get the ME machine to share the DSL connection.

I've spent hours on hold with unhelpful MS support people, read all the articles on the web I can find, but I can't seem get this sucker to work. I have the feeling there's just one itsy little thing I need to do to complete the linkup, but I don't have a clue what it is.

Any ideas? If I can't fix it myself, are there any SF Bay Area networking wizards out here who you'd recommend to come out, diagnose, and fix it?
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Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup Tab, highlight Communications, Details. Check the Internet Connection Sharing checkbox to run the the ICS Wizard to reinstall ICS.

Choose the Dial-up adapter (assuming your DSL uses PPPOE) as the adapter to connect to the Internet and share. Load Internet Explorer, click Tools in the main menu, Options, Connections, Always dial my default connection, In the Dialup and Virtual Private Network Settings, be sure the correct connection to your ISP is set as the default.
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Or better yet, dash up to Office Depot or whatever and get a nice linksys router. You can share the connection, the router sends a trickle if you like so you're always on and it's very easily configurable.

Good luck.
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I concur with damnitkage. Then go to and read up on routers and security. This is THE site you should check out for all things broadband.
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On the ME machine, run winipcfg.exe. The gateway address in here (for your network card - not a dial up connection) should point to the XP machine.

If not, then you can manually set this (right click network neighborhood...etc), or you can do a refresh / renew on your DHCP lease.

Plus - check your internet settings. You should have them set to "Never dial a connection" & you should make sure that the ME machine has no proxy settings set.
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I hava a similar setup, only with a crossover cable instead of a switch.
I also had the exact same problem.
My solution was turning off Internet Connection Firewall on the XP box. Even though it was on the outgoing connection, it screwed up my internal network. I use ZoneAlarm instead, which in its "pro" version can be automatically set to allow ICS through.
The ICS wizard is completely useless, in my experience. Just make sure both machines have 192,168.x.y where x is the same and y is different for each machine. Make sure the ME box has the XP's IP as a gateway. And both are on the same group. I assume if your network is working you can ping each machine from the other.
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By the way, are you running a firewall on the XP box? That could be the problem.
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Response by poster: I am running the Symantec personal firewall, but I thought I configured it to allow the ME computer into the correct zone. Maybe I can try again, but disable the firewall and see what happens.

I was also wondering if I needed to install the SBC Yahoo software on the ME computer, but again, haven't been able to get any technical support worth spit from MS or Yahoo.

Thanks Signal - I'll check the points you make. I've also found the ICS wizard to be useless. If these don't work, I'll try the router solution - it seems like I can get a DLink, Netgear, or Linksys router switch at Bestbuy for under $50, so it may be worth the attempt. Thanks for the links and suggestions damnitkage!
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