Taco Bell Commercial
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Taco Bell has been running a commercial this past weekend during many of the bowl games with Carmen Electra in it. Can anyone tell me who the female actor was that was sitting in the room with the two guys talking about how unlikely it was that one of the guys had broken up with Carmen Electra?

Also, is there a database similar to IMDB that will allow me to search actors names based on the commercials they're in?
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Can't answer the first part, but I write about commercials a lot and don't know of a database like that. However, there are plenty of forums for TV commercial discussion. AdTunes has a good forum, though it's mostly about music in ads, as the name suggests. You might check out AdLand or join this Yahoo group about commercials.
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SAG surely has this information on file. I'm doubtful that they would make it available to the public, but you never know...
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Best answer: I figured it out. It's Sarah Danielle Madison. I was watching an episode of Judging Amy and recognized her.
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