I saw a neat shirt on Mythbusters. Where can I get it?
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Earlier tonight, during the Mythbusters marathon, I saw various 'Busters wearing a "WARNING: SCIENCE IN PROGRESS" shirt. It had a sign with an explosion and a guy fleeing the blast. I've searched around, but have not been able to find it. Anyone know where they got 'em?
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This may not be the answer you wanted, but it is really likely that they had them made just for them by a silkscreener. A TV show like that an afford to spend a couple hundred on a few shirts for the simple novelty of it.
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Response by poster: I considered that they did just that, but was secretly hoping they didn't. (If they did, I guess I'll just have to make my OWN then, nyeah! Take that, Adam and Jamie.)
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Slightly off-topic: Silkscreening custom shirts is available at two stores near where I live (that I can think of), and getting one (or a few) done would cost considerably less than a few hundred dollars.
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Adam was also wearing a shirt that said:

Am I missing an eyebrow?

Lending creedence to the cool one-off theory.

(or maybe this is how they test merch ideas... they have our venerable hosts where it and if there is significant viewer response, send them into mass production!)
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It would be cheaper and almost-just-as-good to get a heat pressed t-shirt. You can probably find a number of t-shirt shops that'll press anything onto a t-shirt for you. (In Montreal we have dozens). Chances are it'll run you something like $15-$20.
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Ask asavage himself.
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I thought some of Adam's shirts were sent in by fans, but I could be amazingly mistaken.

There's a lot of online places that will do a custom shirt for you. My husband has had shirts with some of his artwork printed on it, and the shirts are only about $20 a pop. shirtmagic, spreadshirt, and customink are a few places you can check out.
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I think one "behind the scenes" show mentioned fans often send in the shirts.

A few of them from the earlier seasons are now available on the Discovery Channel site's store, making the highly plausible scenario that certain shirts are worn to test fan interest in purchasing them. (They used to sell the "I reject your reality..." and "Failure is always an option" one there; they don't seem to be up anymore)

On most TV shows, shirts are either custom made or requested from a certain place for character relevance (the producers of The OC asked an organization I worked for to send some shirts to them, and we found out later they wanted to put them on extras representing "campus radicals." Ugh) This is mainly because any trademarked or copyrighted logo or brand can be a legal issue. (Tori, for example, often wears an old "Men In Black" Shirt in which the title of the movie and part of the logo is conspicuously faded out)
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You could make one yourself and print it via cafepress or zazzle if you can't find it.
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I don't know about this particular shirt, but if you want Adam's "I do my own stunts" t-shirt, he bought it at Target. They have kid's sizes, even.
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