I want the M600i but it doesn't have a camera, what are my options?
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I'm looking for a new cellphone and want the M600i but it doesn't have a camera...

I currently have a Samsung A670 and use the camera quite a bit, so the lack of a camera on the M600 seems to be a dealbreaker...except I'm totally falling in love with it.

So, my boyfriend has a treo and I really think that my cell phone should be able to do more than it does, like his, but I really have a problem with how close the buttons are to each other. That probably sounds weird but it i actully a sort of big deal because I message a lot and plan on using the new phone for work too.

What I really want to know is what other options I have for either a similar phone, getting a camera for this one, and how i can get the awesome chat mode on the m600i that the treo has.
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I have an M600i and I really miss having a camera. I didn't think I used it as much as I did till it was gone. I am also having a tough time updating it, having to use 2 computers because it does not believe my PC is running Win XP. The button are not to close to me and I have bigger fingers; in fact I find the keyboard layout nice compared to the other non-qwerty ones.
My only other niggle is I hate the headphones that it came with, they are HUGE to the point of hurting my ears and given the connector has a specialized connection to the phone I cannot use anything else.
I fell in love with it too, while overseas and now I wish I had waited until I had read more about it (it had just launched in Singapore and my phone was dying an slow mechanical death).

Hope this helps a little.
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I was considering the M600i, but I ended up getting a Blackberry Pearl instead - but one of the biggest flaws with it is the keyboard - the buttons are fairly soft, small and close together.
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armoured-ant: What is the antecedent of "it" in "flaws with it"?
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Don't fall in love with the m600i! Three in Australia have withdrawn it from sale because it's a buggy POS - Pioneering Operating System.

I got one and took it back because it crashed all the time and relies too much on the stylus. Handwriting text messages is not as fun as it sounds. I got a k800i instead, with a great camera and a much nicer, more reliable interface, for less money.

Anyway, hold your horses and Sony will bring one out with a camera on. Hmm, actually my brother's got something with a stylus, a keyboard and a camera - I think it's a Sony 990 or something. I'll find out if anyone's really interested.
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Cogat, handwriting text messages? I read that you could if you wanted to, but that you can use the keyboard too.

btw I'm on mac osx
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Ummmm... linked from that page is the K610im which appears very similar and *does* have a camera.
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The M600i operating system (UIQ3) is definately a POS. as in piece of sh*t. It crashes frequently. It does have a feature full version of Opera which is great for browsing (when the phone doesnt crash), and the keyboard is seriously awesome.

If you want a nice keyboard, how about the Cingular 8125 or the newly released 8525?
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Me again - it doesn't work with OS X - no iSync plugins exist (another reason I took mine back). My Sony-Ericcson Bro's got a p990i, which he loves.
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Oh and tapping on the keyboard is possible, but if you have a problem with Treo buttons being close together, these will be worse.
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I hadn't read anywhere else that it operating system sucks, i've actually only been hearing how wonderful symbian runs. i dont know a lot about phones, when it lists the two operating systems (symbian & uiq) does it mean either or?

also, is there anyway i can try using one without buying it?
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