Objective information sites about heart disease?
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OK, guys, the smartass has been humbled. Last weekend I experienced what should have been a mildly stressful event for the average person. However, I have fairly advanced heart disease, and the anxiety put me in the emergency room with chest pains and arrhythmia despite my normal meds and my emergency tranquilizers.

The time has come for me to seriously consider disability, as totally distasteful as I find that. Does anyone know of some objective information sites, particularly regarding how to document my condition, beyond the basic primers that Google coughs up? ( Yes, I am pursuing this through my doctor, but I want a 'second opinion'. ;-P )
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i sent you an email, mischief--i hope you're ok
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Mischief, get a disability lawyer. The process is a true bitch and a lot of times people get turned down the first time.
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Get a lawyer and have an excellent doctor that will actually take the time to prepare paperwork and stuff. A good way to tell if the lawyer is good is if they don't advertise during daytime tv ;). You will get turned down the first time guaranteed. My lawyer has had amputees and such turned down more than once. If you don't fit exactly into one of the disability pigeonholes you will have to fight.

Once you get disability welcome to the world of people thinking you're getting "free" money. Because you know it's easy to live off the $564 I get every month from SSI. I live like a king! A king I tell you!
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What country are you in?
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It just so happens that a place I used to work at launched a disability benefits determination type web site. The site is here .

I haven't given it a good look yet, but on first glance I think it looks pretty friendly and informative. It went up very recently, but I know the people involved, and they know their stuff. Most of them have disabilities themselves and have worked as political activists for a long time. Check it out and let them know what it needs to make it better.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses so far. I should add that I am more concerned with getting the disability insurance from where I work than the fed's pittance. I am talking to a lawyer on Tuesday, but I want to know as much of the gory (technical/legal) details up front as I can.
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Well my father had two strokes over the past month. Everyone at his job was super nice until it came down to the possibility of long term disability. Then everyone has been quite a bunch of wieners to put it politely. Definitely get a lawyer so they don't try to screw you.
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