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Please help me find this biz book. Topic: small biz startups. Author: a serial entrepeneur who claims to have started ~20 companies, none of which failed. Date: About 2-3 years ago. (I'm basically interested in any authors who have a track record of multiple successful small biz starts.)
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You might find Jeno Paulucci's autobiography ("The Power of the Peddler") a good read. (Yes, he's the guy who invented Jeno's Pizza Rolls, among many others.)

Jeno had a decades-long pattern of starting up small food companies, and then selling them off to huge players (e.g. General Mills) and then starting right back up again. He did this something like fifty times, not all of them wildly successful, but enough were that he's enormously wealthy today and still going strong well into his eighties.
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You may be thinking of The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki.
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Seth Godin's Bootstrapper's Bible also available for free.
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