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How can I prove to the DMV that the lien on the car I just bought has been paid off? The secured party listed on the title (a bank) was bought by FCNB bank and then by BB&T bank.

I bought a truck from a friends dad about a week ago. The truck was registered in Maryland, but I live in Virginia. I just got the title, which needed to be replaced as they had lost the original one. The bank listed as the lien holder on the title no longer exists, and neither does the bank that bought the original bank. All are under the control of BB&T now. I need to prove to the Virginia DMV that the lien is off the truck, but have no clue who contact about clearing this up. The Maryland DMV? BB&T bank? If it's BB&T, who should I call? Their general 800 #? A branch local to the Maryland town where the truck came from? Will they issue me the notice that the lien is no longer valid even though I'm not the person on the title or in their paperwork?

help please.
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The only thing that I can think of is to ask if you can obtain the "paid off" note. Does your friend's dad have the note showing it was paid off?
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put the onus on the friend's dad, who sold you a truck with a clouded title, make him jump through the hoops.
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I just got the title

In theory, you're done. The title is usually sent by the bank to the owner only after it is paid off. And it should include an entry for a transfer of ownership after that point. Just look on the back.

At least, that's how it works in California and Washington...
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Response by poster: I would put the onus on the friends dad, but I need this done and on the road ASAP - this isn't a priority to his dad, and when you want something done do it yourself etc...
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He should have the letter, if not the bank should be able to send one. Call a loan officer at the branch where the loan was originated. Sometimes when banks buy other banks their systems aren't totally integrated for a while, so that branch would be the most likely to have easy access to the records.
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Why are you so certain the title is clear in the first place? It's your responsibility as the buyer (caveat emptor) to make sure the title's clear before you buy the car. (or truck, in this case.)

You're at the mercy of the guy who sold you the truck. You better hope a) the title is in fact clear, and b) he retained the proof of it, and c) he is good enough to dig it out and give it to you. The next time you do this you'll obtain this before you pay for the truck, because if you don't you are paying for the privilege of receiving property that you do not own.
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Call BB&T. Start with their 800#. I've been thru something somewhat similar and got it sorted out with a phone call. They're a bank you know, and Bob Cratchit retired a while ago and was replaced by computers and databases and such. While it may take a few weeks they should be able to verify that the loan's been paid off (if in fact it was) and send the form that will satisfy the VA DMV. It's possible, tho, that they'll want to send it to the owner of record, as they won't know who the **** you are.

If the loan wasn't paid off your life just got a whole lot more complicated.

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Oh, and frogan's wrong, at least as far as MD goes. Here when a vehicle secures a loan your initial title reveals that, and when it's paid off the lender sends an additional title admendment documenting that fact. When the vehicle's sold the buyer gets both forms.
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