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Baltimore or DC fireworks tonight? I hear the Inner Harbor fireworks are great, and so far haven't found anything indicating downtown DC fireworks. Any suggestions?
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inner harbor rocks. Screw the rest.
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I suggest not trying to drive to the Inner Harbor -- light rail, bus, etc.
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I don't know if it is like this for New Years, but last July 4 my friends and I skipped the fireworks on the mall. (Well, we meant to see them but got there too late.) Instead we just drove around NE neighborhoods and watched fireworks go off right next to us from the sidewalks because fireworks are legal in DC. There were also stalls set up at various points selling fireworks on the street. It's probably not what you were looking for, but it was a really cool experience if you are looking for something off the beaten path.
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Response by poster: yay! thanks
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I don't know of DC fireworks on New Year's Eve, either official or not. I will say that I, like puffin, eschewed the July 4 Mall show for the amazing pyrotechnics at Lincoln Park. Only some fireworks are legal, though--anything that flies or explodes is definitely illegal. However, the cops were present only to make sure no one got blown up, as far as I could tell--they didn't seem to care about all the flying and exploding objects. I know this is off-topic, but, seriously, if you want to see a real, small-town, anarchic fireworks display, hit Lincoln Park on July 4. You won't be sorry. Plus, you can see the official show off in the distance.
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