2007 UPDATE: breaking up the day? what are the best five minute 'break' websites you visit?
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This is one of my favorite posts: internet mental breaks (Thanks eatdonuts) but it's almost a year old. How about another round for 2007?

It's actually the post that swung me to joining mefi -- a great decision if I say so myself.
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cursor.org once in the afternoon for a quick scan of all that is US politics/Iraq debacle.

The Daily WTF for a look at some bad code or IT story.

Popurls for a quick scan of IT feeds and news feeds (and Metafilter feed too!).

Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs to find any interesting geopolitical articles.

Ask Jolene Blogs (NSFW) to release any pent up frustrations.
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Orisinal and Drudge are my two biggest. I also think Noisely is pretty cool.
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style fashion design shop: Stylehive Feed.
news thru the eyes of blogs: memeorandum.
goofy funny crap: neatorama.
everything all at once: popurls.
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Set Game
Catsthatlooklikehitler.com Go directly to "Best Kitlers"
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Linkfilter is a fairly frequently updated link submission site (like MeFi).

I've got a collection of linkblogs I enjoy on my web site, which I visit in rotation or as the mood strikes (since few are updated very frequently), a fairly ecclectic bunch all with their own random amusements.

Ursi's blog is regularly updated with some great stuff.
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The Superficial
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How about kdice - a real time strategy game for 7 players like simplified risk. Great fun, games are usually between 2 and 20 minutes.
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