Why can't I format my SD card?
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Why can't I format my SD card?

Just got a 1GB Sandisk SD card. It works great in my camera, but is not recognized by XP on my Compaq Presario R3000z with a built-in card reader.
Double clicking in My Computer gives a "Please insert a disk into drive E:" or "Disk is not formatted" error. Properties tells me it's formatted RAW. Right-clicking >"Format..." does nothing. Formatting in the camera also changes nothing.
Is there a utility that can help me format it?
I also tried fdisk in a command window, but it tells me it's not a recognized command.
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not familiar with the Sandisk SD card , but the SD cards I have (of various brands) all have a little slide switch on one of the edges that "unlocks" them. They all read in the "locked" mode but will not write while "locked"
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the switch is set to "unlocked"
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did you try the switch in the other position?
also I think you need to "format" before you "fdisk"
(could be wrong, as I live in a more linux-centric world)
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I tried the switch in both positions. Formatting does nothing, and I just tried "format e:" in a command window, received the error: "Error in IOCTL call"
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If you have another card reader lying about, see if it works in there. (If you connect your camera via USB, some cameras will present any inserted memory card as a disk.)

It's possible the card is defective. I had that happen to one of mine, although it also hung up the camera I was trying to use it in.
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Try formatting it in the camera and then try it again on the PC.

If that doesn't work, see if the problem is the card or the card reader by hooking your camera up (with the card in it) to your computer via USB. Turn the camera on, and it should effectively work as a card reader itself.
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One more factor that was recently an issue for me is the driver of the internal card reader... for me, the threshold was anything greater than 1GB would show up in My Computer but wasn't accessible--an update driver (coincidentally released the week before) fixed the problem completely. Check with Compaq support?
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if there aren't any photos on the card, try formatting it in your pc using the fat32 file system and then putting it in your camera
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zachxman, thanks. It was the driver for the internal card reader. Working great now.
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