DYC into something useful?
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Mission Impossible? Converting ICUII video to AVI or MPG or MOV?

Got a bunch of video files of video messages from conference delegates from an online consortium earlier this month. BUT, here's the kicker: they're all saved in ICUII's DYC format. I need to convert the video files into something viewable by people who don't have ICUII. What tool can I use to do this? I've been searching and have found absolutely zilch.
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Can you open the files in VLC? If nothing else, you can use it's stream output capabilities to transcode the videos to some other format.
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I've had a quick look round, and I too haven't found it to be on the lists of supported formats for the usual transcoders. Your simplest option may be a screen-scraper video tool. These allow you to record to avi from an existing video window. Normally you can go fullscreen, by window or region.

One example is BBFlashback Express
The free version has a logo on the created video, but is otherwise fully feature iirc.
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