I need to move data as painlessly as possible from a thinkpad to an ibook.
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I have a new ibook, and an old thinkpad. I need to move data as painlessly as possible to the new machine...[more inside]

I can burn cds using a usb 1.0 burner, or I can try and get my buslink usb hd to show up in win2k (it is loaded, but won't show up in "my computer") but I also have wireless on both machines.

Is it possible to connect my thinkpad directly to the ibook, wireless to wireless, without using ftp?

Otherwise, I'll set up ftp on the ibook and just drag stuff over.
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Response by poster: I should add that I am taking both machines home, where there is no broadband, otherwise I would choose the ftp option. It would be great if there were some way to network them directly. Both have ethernet cards too, and usb ports of course.
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Response by poster: Sigh. What I should have asked above was,

"What's a cheap way to network an ibook/10.3 with a thinkpad/win2k to each other?"

I'm losing Ask.mefi karma here, I know...
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Using wireless, what you want is called an "ad hoc" network. If you go into Airport setup in OS X, it's called "Compter to Computer."
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Would a a crossover cable do the trick?
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Apple has licensed this software "Move2Mac" which is probably what you want.

It costs money but is the most painless process.
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Response by poster: I ended up just burning 4 gigs of data at 4x. It wasn't too painful. The information about ad hoc networks might prove useful in the future, however. Thanks! I just wasn't man enough to mess around with Samba.
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