What should I do from now until August?
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What should I do from now until August?

Now that all my law school applications have been filled out the question remains what on earth am I supposed to do until school starts this august.

I'm unemployed and adventurous. I'm willing to do anything rewarding.

I know this is the time of my life to do what ever it is I have always wanted to. Well, I've always wanted to travel through Africa and I have just returned.

Your thoughts?
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sleep now that you can.
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Assuming more travelling is not an option ... try something artisitic. Writing, drawing, playing an instrument. You have time like you won't have again until you retire and these sort of things lend themselves to total immersion.
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I'd travel more while you have the chance. Have you been to Europe? Asia? If not, go. Don't just pass through - live someplace different for a while. Learn a language, learn to be a scuba instructor, volunteer at an orphanage, whatever floats your boat. Also, read lots and lots and lots and lots for pleasure.

Law school can make you lose perspective on what really makes you happy, so do everything you can so that won't happen.
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I'm in the same position, only I'm currently (unhappily) employed, out of necessity -- grad school ain't cheap. If you have the savings/other financial backing to avoid working your bum off right now to pay for law school, enjoy it! I second Allelopath's suggestions re: artistry, but then, I'm an artsy type. I just spent a week's vacation time learning to electrochemically etch brass plates, and that was fun. If you're totally at a loss for something to do, check out the Make blog -- http://www.makezine.org/blog/ -- they usually have a good selection of links to people describing interesting, geeky art projects.

If art isn't your thing, maybe write? I'm SCUBA certified, and it was certainly a trip, so Walla's suggestion of becoming an instructor (if you can afford it) would be a blast..

Don't let this time pass you by, though. I hear law school's pretty intense, and it doesn't get easier after you get out...
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Sit up and just observe your breathing for a really long time. If you can't, then figure out how.
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Travel anywhere and everywhere. If you can afford it, go to another continent. If you're broke, call up friends in other cities and crash on their couch for a few days. Grab a car and a tent and cross the country, camping at state parks. See this amazing world that we live in firsthand.
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Please, please, travel and learn a language. Almost everything else you can do about as easily at a later stage in life.
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