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can you help? in 1990 there was a television series called Gophers. In short it was a comedy about a common type gopher family living next door to the very prim and proper rabbit family and the characters were all life size puppets. i have searched long and hard to find any information possible on this series and so far have managed to find only a short cast list and a small snippet from the theme tune and no one i know seems to remember it at all. Is it possible anyone has any information on what happened to the series and whether it was ever released on video?
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Just googling gophers tv OR television series 1990 led me here. Clicking those episode links gets you production company info. You could contact them to ask if it's been released (although imdb doesn't seem to think it has).
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I assume you've already seen this page, as well as this one (in Belgian).

imdb has an entry for the show, and if you look on the right, Amazon offers it on VHS, (which leads me to believe it was somehow released on video somewhere back in time)
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Someone has a tape for auction on eBay.co.uk, though the image is broken. PAL, unfortunately. The description seems to fit.
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