Golden Age Sesame Street
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Help me find a Sesame Street animated short!

It was a little boy that was trying to go to sleep. After his parents said good night to him, his dog would freak him out by making scary shadow puppets on the wall and singing this freaky song.

Then the boy would yell out for his parents and they would come in and the dog would be lying down looking innocent and the parents would make the boy try to sleep again. I forgot how it ended.

I tried to google it but I have no idea what search terms to go for. I thought it might have been a Bud Luckey short because the style seemed similar to The Alligator King and his Seven Sons but I think I am wrong.
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It's Sparky the Dog and his alligator song. Haven't found a video of it, though.
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I don't know if it's here, but I found some other old Sesame Street links by looking at the "related" clips while viewing these.
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I remember the short. The viewer isn't aware that it's the dog until the very end, I think, and that's how it ends -- with the reveal. I have very strong memories of the short, and the kid shouting, "Mom! Dad! There's an alligator in my room!" but haven't seen it in eons.
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theredpen, that's my site, and when I saw the question I checked for it there -- it doesn't seem to be one of those listed.

However, in the eight months since I posted that list (itself inspired by a post in the blue), various readers and googlers have been adding to it, and have been great about responding to requests. spec80, if I were you, I'd post a comment on that entry describing what you're looking for. It may not yield any results, but it cannot hurt to try.
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Here's a frame of Gerald (the boy) and Sparky. Episode 3189.
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Oops, sorry for not crediting you, jdroth -- I absolutely love that list! so thanks, while we're both here.
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sorry for not crediting you, jdroth

No worries there. Wasn't looking for credit, just wanting to add some clarification to my answer.

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Michael, is that you?
Preparing for your next BoC record?

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