Pinball in Durham
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Where can I play pinball in Durham, North Carolina?

I am looking for any public pinball machines in Durham (or Raleigh or Chapel Hill) North Carolina (near Duke is best). Bonus points for Attack from Mars or Medieval Madness, but anything else is fine too.
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Best answer: Try the pinball locator here. It appears there are about 20 places entered for all of NC, several in the Raleigh area. No gaurantees on how up to date this is, but it should give you a starting place. You can also search in to see if there's anything pinball related shaking in your area. The two games you mention are fairly common, so chances are you'll find one somewhere. If not, I highly recommend the new Stern "Lord of the Rings".
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i seem to recall that hell in chapel hill and ocsc in carrboro each have a pinball machine.
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Hell in Chapel Hill has the Simpsons pinball machine, last I checked.

The AMF bowling alley on 15-501 used to have a pinball machine too.
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Hmm, you might try Devine's at 904 W. Main Street, which is your basic dumb sports bar. The photos at that link show video games, but I can't say if they've got pinball.

If you're looking for a decent bar near Duke (that I'm sure doesn't have pinball), check out The Green Room at 1108 Broad Street. Lots of pool tables and free shuffleboard too.
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I think that Tyler's at American Tobacco (downtown) has pinball. I have no idea what particular games they have, but they also have 100 different beers on tap, so that's nice.
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I believe there are pinball machines at a few of the local movie theaters, e.g. the Timberlyne movie theater (northern Chapel Hill), I'm sure at the Lumina theater at Southern Village, and I can't remember if there are machines at Southpoint Cinemas.
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The green room had pinball as recently as last year. I've played it there. The table is in the corner all the way to the right past the bar.
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